About Us

Based in Burlington, VT I have been an enthusiast for years. I took a liking to euros and vintage race cars. I’ve wrapped just about everything you can imagine from boats to wheels to airplane parts. In building dozens of my personal cars as a hobby, I ran across a product that allows me to completely change the look of my cars, quickly, inexpensively and most importantly as temporarily as I would like. When friends and family started to ask about how my cars looks were changing so dramatically; the answer was rubber wraps. With a few requests for my services, I quickly learned that there is a large and untapped market for the service. I’ve enjoy watching people come to me with a car that they are “ok” with driving, and leaving with a car that they are proud to drive. The questions never stop about the product and the service so take a look around and don’t hesitate to email with any further questions or comments to