About The Product

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Some of the benefits of a Rubber-Wrap

  •  All the same benefits of wrapping with vinyl: temporary color change,factory paint protection in turn protecting the value of your vehicle
  • Affordable alternative to wrapping in vinyl
  • Instant facelift for faded,worn,mismatched, old, even peeling paint or clearcoat.
  • Change the color of your wheels. Instant and cheaper than having them restored or refinished
  • Eliminate chrome trim easily and temporarily.
  • Completely seamless finish


product care:

Wash your rubber wrapped car just like you would normally, whether it be at the automatic car wash or with a bucket and hose in the driveway of your house. Pressure washers should be used with caution, with enough pressure it’s possible to cut holes in the surface but under normal circumstances a pressure is a fine option.  Be careful not to spill solvents on the surface of your wrap, gasoline can potentially discolor and loosen the adhesion. Scrapes and bumps will happen, the surface will scratch as would paint, as long as the panel is in tact the surface below the wrap will remain protected from rock chips and scratches.

what is your wrap like to peel?

wrap is much like thick saran wrap, when properly applied the rubber is held to the body panels with a static charge, its nearly impossible to peel until the surface is broken either at an edge or by a hole in the center. pin holes and small holes and rock chips can happen in the surface but aren’t usually enough to jeopardize the integrity of a entire panel and can be touched up either with a can or a brush.

what is the life span of a wrap?

We apply protectant to the clear coat of your vehicle before we begin to wrap, this ensures proper release of our product when you go to remove it. this also makes the car as clean and fresh on the day you peel it as the day we apply it. We’ve had cars wrapped for over a year with no signs of product failure, but we like to tell people that their wrap will stay until they peel it, so you choose how long it lasts. like paint the product’s life span depends on how you treat it, “life span” meaning the amount of time this product is on your vehicle and looking good.